Fake Cartier LOVE Bracelet In 18k Pink Gold With Coloured StonesFake Cartier LOVE Bracelet In 18k Pink Gold With Coloured Stones

Cartier bracelet authenticity method I

General false Cartier love bracelet outlet is the most exposed is the LOGO, especially the surface of the LOGO. You can use 4 times eyepiece carefully watch Cartier bracelet replica work. If the edge of the LOGO rough, some less regular, or the edge of the traces of a little open, and the font depth (with 8 times the eyepiece can see more clearly), then it must be shoddy.

Cartier bracelet authenticity method II

Then down to see the process. Fake Cartier Love bracelet exquisite workmanship exquisite workmanship, seams tightly flexible, corner smooth corner, uniform plating bright. The surface and back of the text is clear. Fake on the more rough, not flexible enough to turn the junction.

Cartier bracelet authenticity, one second perceptive

Cartier bracelet authenticity of the three methods

Authentic packaging is very particular about the box is very beautiful, there are beautifully produced instructions or warranty card; fake packaging are more rough, the font is relatively vague, and some even without such packaging and so on.
Cartier bracelet authenticity method four

The most direct way is to look at the source. Genuine Cartier love jewelry knockoff have an official invoice, and the price and the public will not differ too much. If you see the Cartier bracelet discount is too low, and the counter difference of hundreds or even thousands of words, it is absolutely fake.

Cartier bracelet authenticity method five

Cartier replica bracelets have a unique number, commonly known as ID cards, you can hold the number to the counter side of the query.